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I’m amazed at how much is coming out from working on my values. I can see that this will really help me communicate my needs more clearly. I’m definitely progressing in the right direction. Lorna is very supportive. She gives me the space to reflect and ponder and identify which values are really important to me.



Working through a problem in a logical way is great as it enables you to think and re-think about things differently. Lorna speaks in a very considered and calm way, and it always feels like everything comes from a place of wanting the best for you in the session.



Lorna actively listened while I talked openly about my current circumstance and areas I wanted to address. She pulled out key areas and made links to different areas where I had similar feelings or challenges.




I am now starting to feel authentically me and I have the confidence to show that to people without fear of judgement. 



Thank you so much for holding the space so well for me. I have learnt so much and I am much clearer about myself.


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